Dignity, Diversity, Anarchy

Proceedings of the Special Workshops “Human Dignity in Europe” and “The Anarchist Critique of the State, the Law and Authority” held at the 29th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) in Lucerne, 2019

The contributions in this volume add innovative insights to the debate on domination, power, dignity and the future of society. Problems of heteronomy are fundamental to the anarchist critique of the principle of domination and at the same time central for the discussion of the concept of human dignity. The debates on dignity and diversity and on anarchist perspectives of domination-free organisation are particularly relevant in view of the softening of traditional power structures and the emergence of new ones, especially in the age of globalisation on the one hand and the resurgence of nationalist concepts on the other hand.


Klaus Mathis is full professor of Public Law, Law of the Sustainable Economy, and Philosophy of Law at the University of Lucerne. He is the co-founder of the Center for Law and Sustainability (CLS) and Director for the Institute for Research in the Fundaments of Law – lucernaiuris. His particular fields of expertise are Swiss Constitutional Law, Law and Economics, Law of Sustainable Development, and Philosophy of Law.

Luca Langensand is PhD Student at the Faculty of Law at the University of Lucerne. In his doctoral thesis he investigates the relation between anarchy, anarchism and law. His research interests are Legal Philosophy and Legal Anthropology.


Paolo Becchi, Damir Banovic, Renato Rabbi-Baldi Cabanillas, Marcos Augusto Maliska, Antonio Pele, Maurice Schuhmann, Klaus Mathis, Anna Budzanowska & Tomasz Pietrzykowski, James Humphries, Aleksander Milosz Zielinski, Peter Seyferth, Luca Langensand, Wanshu Cong, Clelia Bartoli, Juan Carlos Riofrio & Ricardo Lopez, David Dürr

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